WayOUT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization seeking to empower LGBTQ+ youth to feel safe being who they really are. By 2022, wayOUT aims to invest $1M in 10 life-saving projects across 10 cities and host a national conference for LGBTQ+ leaders.  Through investing in organizations that provide life saving resources, wayOUT will change what it means to grow up as a gender or sexual minority in America. 


DIrect contributions

Each wayOUT chapter will to raise enough funds to support the launch of a partner program

wayOUT’s Tax ID: 82-3204059



Each local organization will receive direct training for its leadership, resources (e.g., development strategies), and may receive strategic planning engagements.


Network of social leaders

We will bring together social entrepreneurs from across the country to surface and refine strategies for LGBTQ+ youth, to share learnings and best practices, and to coach and mentor each other as they create sustainable change within their communities.