We’re thrilled to announce wayOUT NYC’s 2018 grant recipient, Encircle in Provo, UT!


In response to the number of LGBTQ youth and young adults experiencing alienation, coupled with Utah’s youth suicide rate increasing each year nearly four times faster than the national average, Stephenie Larsen—a mother of six—got to work and created Encircle, an LGBTQ family and youth resource center, in 2016. Located in Provo, Utah, the nonprofit’s mission is to embrace and sustain every LGBTQ+ youth, every family, and every community.

The organization does so through its life-saving programs and therapeutic services aimed at creating connection and inspiring self-acceptance, while strengthening understanding and dialogue between LGBTQ individuals and family members. Last year, Encircle provided services to over 8,000 individuals and assembled a team of 600+ volunteers from the surrounding community to contribute to the organization’s efforts. The nonprofit also hosted Utah’s first-ever statewide LGBTQ summit, bringing youth together from across the state.

In order to reach even more LGBTQ youth and their families, the center is expanding into both Salt Lake City and southern Utah. With the support of wayOUT, Encircle’s team hopes to serve an additional 13,000+ individuals in these communities that would benefit from the organization's inclusive approach.

No Sides. Only Love.