An original work by the Los Angeles-based street artist Ricky Sencion aka Little Ricky. 


I’m a self-taught artist and native Angeleno. In 1998, I started my career. In 2013, it took a sharp turn when I read a quote in an Alexander McQueen biography. He referred to himself, not as a black sheep, but as a ‘pink sheep.’ It was a magic moment. For the previous 15 years, I worked on 3 different series, but this was something else. It felt personal. I was different, this was different. At that moment, I knew that I had something greater than I could’ve ever imagined. Even though I had no idea of what it meant, inspiration started flowing from every direction. I felt overwhelmed. I purchased a toy sheep and started doodling. Eventually, a shape took form and I knew ‘it’ was ‘it’ when I saw the shape. It felt like I had seen it before, like it had always existed. The shape then led me to create characters of all sorts. I didn’t expect to be working on the streets, but I knew that SHEƎP belonged out and about. What started off as sticker art turned into a multi layered series of ideas and mediums.



SKU: 03200022
    • Stencil & Acrylic on Paper
    • 18"x24"
    • Unframed
    • Signed By Artist
    • Free Shipping


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