In our second year, wayOUT’s SF chapter raised $100,000 for Time Out Youth in Charlotte, NC!

Charlotte, North Carolina

Time Out Youth founder, Tonda Taylor, grew up in Charlotte but left in her teens to move to New York City. It was the 1960s, and she saw NYC as a place where her sexuality would be embraced. 20 years later, Tonda returned to Charlotte to care for her brother with HIV, and was distressed to learn that not a single program or support group existed for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth. Along with a small group of social workers, educators, physicians and clergy, Tonda formed Time Out Youth. On April 8, 1991, the doors opened to four gay and lesbian youth for their first weekly discussion group.

They may have started with four, but in 2017 Time Out Youth helped over 5000 LGBTQ+ youth in the greater Charlotte area through programming and services that include mental and sexual health counseling, discussion groups (IRL and online), emergency financial assistance, host home programs, and special events like LGBTQ prom and campOUT, a week-long summer camp for LGBTQ youth. 

With wayOUT's support, Time Out Youth hopes to build a permanent 10-bed shelter for homeless LGBTQ+ youth in Charlotte. 


We plan to build the largest LGBTQ youth homeless shelter in the Southeast with comprehensive services to ensure our clients’ successful transition to permanent housing. WayOUT is instrumental in moving this project from concept to reality.
— Rodney Tucker, Executive Director, Time Out Youth