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wayOUT exists to empower LGBTQ+ youth to feel safe being who they really are by investing in life saving programs through LGBTQ+ youth centers. Not only does wayOUT work to elevate many of these programs to the national stage, but the grants issues to these incredible centers are usually game-changing in the way that they are able to operate. These grants would not be possible without the collaborations and donations of our partners and sponsors.


We have been privileged to work alongside amazing organizations to create custom programs that have been critical in raising the profile of wayOUT and our Grant Recipients. These incredible partners have also helped to tell the stories of these centers, their youth, and our community.



The wayOUT and Bev relationship began in 2021 and has quickly developed into a thriving partnership.  Not only did Bev donate product to the wayOUT LA Scavenger Hunt, it also donated all proceeds of it's 2021 Glam Pride Initiative to help all support our 2021 Grant Recipients.  And that's only the beginning...


...more to come. 

Get in touch with us to discuss wats your business can collaborate with wayOUT to empower LGBTQ+ youth today!



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Ilegal Mezcal has been a supporter of wayOUT since its inception in 2016 donating funds, auction items, and attending Gaylas. For Pride 2020, Ilegal Mezcal launched a collaboration with visual identity Artfucker in the form of a t-shirt and tote bag. Proceeds from the sale of these items benefitted wayOUT.

Following the successful program, Ilegal Mezcal collaborated directly with wayOUT by sponsoring the Mezcal section in the first wayOUT Cookbook. Ilegal Mezcal was given full branding and category exclusivity and, in exchange, shared and sold the wayOUT Cookbook on their own platforms.

Get in touch with us to discuss wats your business can collaborate with wayOUT to empower LGBTQ+ youth today!


Jazwares has been associated with the Los Angeles Chapter since its inception, however this year has upped its relationship with entire wayOUT LGBT Foundation.


Jazwares Cares’ mission is to support children's health, well-being, and educational development through play. We achieve this through product donations, sponsorships, education-based programs, and the time and talent of our people. What makes Jazwares special is the global community of individuals, connected by our passion and desire to give back.

Putting a smile on children’s faces is at the heart of everything we do. - Jazwares



wayOUT is proud to count some of the country's most innovative and inclusive company's among our sponsors. From financial contributions to auction items/experiences and other Gayla contributitions, our work would not be possible without the support of these fabulous organizations.


Project Contrast Logo.png

In 2019, wayOUT Los Angeles proudly partnered with Project Contrast, a non-profit

that tells LGBTQ+ stories through portraits. Project Contrast traveled with our team to OUTMemphis, wayOUT LA's 2019 Grant Recipient, to photograph their youth. These portraits were used to raise awareness for OUT Memphis, share their stories with our network, and make a human connection to the youth through art installations at the 2019 Gayla.

From Project Contrast: 

Project Contrast amplifies voices of LGBTQ+ youth through the power of storytelling.


By contrasting the experiences between rural and urban LGBTQ+ communities, we educate and celebrate the diversity that unites us to create better communities

today. Aiming to lower the amount of LGBTQ+ youth suicides.  

You are loved. 


Dedicated to Inclusivity and the love of vintage apparel, Mandy Speers Volpe Partnered with wayOUT in 2022 by donating 10% of all sales during Pride Month and amplifying our messaging.

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