wayOUT excels as the intermediary! No, really, it's kind of our thing.

By playing the role of the "middle person," wayOUT is able to put a spotlight on LGBTQ+ youth centers that may go otherwise unnoticed on a national platform. Can you donate to these organizations directly? Of course! Would as many people be aware of them without our platform? Probably not. Like we said, it's what we do.

We find, vet, and build awareness for LGBTQ+ youth centers (often in more conservative communities) with limited resources. Through a formal grant selection process which includes reviewing hundreds of applications a year, wayOUT  has created a formula that allows us to serve as advocates and ambassadors to our Grant Recipients. 

In other words, we do the work so that you don't have to and you can sleep well knowing that your (very generous) donation is being well tended to!


We identify organizations run by local leaders working with LGBTQ+ Youth in high need areas around the country.


We interview grant applicants and listen to better understand their needs and their plans/preparedness for a significant cash infusion.

We leverage our own networks and resources to fund our grants.



We advise, mentor, and guide our partners. We build mutual trust, accountability, and enduring relationships.


We connect our partners to each other and to national and regional networks. We bring together brilliant minds to share best practices.


1 : 1 : 1


Across 4 cities, wayOUT has over 50 chapter and board members. Being completely volunteer-led, we direct 100% of funds to local, community based partner organizations. Through a model of 1:1:1, we are able to dedicate the appropriate time and build a strong relationships between a chapter and a Grant Recipient in a given season. This approach, allows us to better understand the needs of these organizations and appropriately appeal to our networks with a clear message that aligns with the values of the organization.