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With recipes submitted from across the country, the first ever wayOUT Cookbook is here. The paperback book features 90 recipes in 136 pages spanning every meal category including Breakfast, Appetizers, Entrees, Desserts, Cocktails, and more! From celebrity chefs to local chapter members (and a special mezcal section by Ilegal Mezal!), our community came together to tell a story of love through the making and sharing of food.


Food represents a shared experience whether family or friend, neighbor or stranger. The community aspect of coming together, creating and enjoying food and drink is a tradition that all humans, regardless of race, economic status, gender, sexual orientation, language or culture, continue to pass along and celebrate. We spread our love through food, tell our history through recipes, connect through shared meals, and grow as people around the table.


Through our shared love of food and the sense of togetherness that food represents, we hope to further the wayOUT mission through this cookbook. At its core, wayOUT empowers LGBTQIA+ youth to feel safe being who they really are. Since its inception in 2016, we have raised over $650,000 for 6 different organizations across the country that provide life-saving resources for LGBTQIA+ youth. With chapters in the Bay Area, New York City, Los Angeles and Seattle, we continue to advocate and fight for these youths who don’t have a voice.

wayOUT LA Digital Cookbook

SKU: 03200020
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    • 136 pages
    • 90+ recipes
    • PDF digital download
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